Books Read in 2008

  1. No Cure for the Paladin Blues: OOTS #2 (Rich Burlew)
  2. Thief of Lives: Noble Dead #2 (Barb & JC Hendee)
  3. Night Embrace: Dark Hunters #3 (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
  4. Many Bloody Returns (various short stories)
  5. Curse the Dark: Retrievers #2 (Laura Anne Gilman)
  6. Sourcery: Discworld (Terry Pratchett)
  7. Diplomacy of Wolves: Secret Texts #1 (Holly Lisle)
  8. Sympathy for the Devil (Holly Lisle)
  9. Doppelganger (Marie Brennan)
  10. Industrial Magic: Women of the Otherworld #4 (Kelley Armstrong)
  11. Personal Demon: Women of the Otherworld #8 (Kelley Armstrong)
  12. A Grave Talent (Laurie R. King)
  13. The Colour of Magic: Discworld #1 (Terry Pratchett)
  14. No Humans Involved : Women of the Otherworld #7 (Kelley Armstrong)
  15. Night Lost: Darkyn #4 (Lynn Viehl)
  16. Agatha Heterodyne and the Monster Engine: Girl Genius #3 (Phil & Kaja Foglio)
  17. Dream Park (Larry Niven & Stephen Barnes)
  18. Smoke & Ashes: Smoke #3 (Tanya Huff)
  19. Smoke & Mirrors: Smoke #2 (Tanya Huff)
  20. Warrior and Witch: Doppleganger #2 (Marie Brennan)
  21. The Hippopotamus Pool: Amelia Peabody mysteries #… 8? (Elizabeth Peters)
  22. Lover Enshrined: BDB #6 (JR Ward)
  23. Glass Houses: Morganville Vamps #1 (Rachel Caine)
  24. The Summoning: Darkest Powers #1 (Kelley Armstrong)
  25. Knit One, Kill Two (Maggie Sefton)
  26. Dark Moon Defender: Twelve Houses #3 (Sharon Shinn)
  27. Magic Study: Study #2 (Maria V. Snyder)
  28. Dime Store Magic: Women of the Otherworld #3 (Kelley Armstrong)
  29. Haunted: Women of the Otherworld #5 (Kelley Armstrong)
  30. Smoke & Mirrors (Neil Gaiman)
  31. The Dead Girls’ Dance: Morganville Vamps #2 (Rachel Caine)
  32. Mort (Terry Pratchett)
  33. Midnight Alley: Morganville Vamps #3 (Rachel Caine)
  34. Feast of Fools: Morganville Vamps #4 (Rachel Caine)
  35. Fire Study: Study #3 (Maria V. Snyder)
  36. Evermore: Darkyn #5 (Lynn Viehl)
  37. War and XPs: OOTS #3 (Rich Burlew)
  38. Working for the Devil: Dante Valentine #1 (Lilith Saintcrow)
  39. A Rush of Wings (Adrian Phoenix)
  40. Sorcery and Cecelia; or, the Enchanted Chocolate Pot: Letter Game #1 (Wrede & Stevermer)
  41. The World of Pooh (includes both Winnie the Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner) (A.A. Milne)
  42. The Awakening: Darkest Powers #2 (beta) (Kelley Armstrong)
  43. The Summoning: Darkest Powers #1 (Kelley Armstrong)
  44. Pleasure Unbound: Demonica #1 (Larissa Ione)
  45. Phenomenal Girl 5: EHJ #1 (A. J. Menden)
  46. Dead Man Rising: Dante Valentine #2 (Lilith Saintcrow)
  47. The Call of Cthulu (HP Lovecraft)
  48. The Time Machine (HG Wells)
  49. Survive My Fire (Joely Sue Burkhart)
  50. Mystic and Rider: 12 Houses #1 (Sharon Shinn)
  51. The Fairy Godmother: 500 Kingdoms #1 (Mercedes Lackey)
  52. Fortune’s Fool: 500 Kingdoms #3 (Mercedes Lackey)
  53. Living With The Dead: Otherworld #9 (Kelley Armstrong)
  54. The Thirteenth House: 12 Houses #2 (Sharon Shinn)
  55. Dark Moon Defender: 12 Houses #3 (Sharon Shinn)
  56. Reader and Raelynx: 12 Houses #4 (Sharon Shinn)
  57. Fortune and Fate: 12 Houses #5 (Sharon Shinn)


Ones that are struck-through were unfinished, and the ones underlined were re-reads. (And because a book is struck-through doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t like it. It could be that it was a library book and was due, or that I wasn’t in the mood for that style of book, or any number of reasons. I just didn’t finish it.)

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