Books Read in 2005

  1. The House of the Seven Gables (Nathaniel Hawthorn)
  2. Bloody Bones: Anita Blake #5 (Laurel K. Hamilton)
  3. The Serpent’s Shadow: Elemental Masters #1 (Mercedes Lackey)
  4. The Killing Dance: Anita Blake #6 (Laurel K. Hamilton)
  5. Anthem (Ayn Rand)
  6. Practical Magic (Alice Hoffman)
  7. Crystal Singer (Anne McCaffery)
  8. Phoenix & Ashes: Elemental Masters #3 (Mercedes Lackey)
  9. The Fortress of Frost and Fire: Bard’s Tale #2 (Mercedes Lackey & Holly Lisle)
  10. Blood Price: Vicky Nelson #1 (Tanya Huff)
  11. Not Exactly the Three Musketeers (Joel Rosenberg)
  12. Blood Trail: Vicky Nelson #2 (Tanya Huff)
  13. Witchlight (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
  14. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)
  15. Through the Looking Glass (Lewis Carroll)
  16. The Hugo Winners Vol. 5 (ed. Isaac Asimov)
  17. Chicks in Chainmail (ed. Esther Friesner)
  18. Smoke & Shadows: Tony Foster #1 (Tanya Huff)
  19. Smoke & Mirrors: Tony Foster #2 (Tanya Huff)
  20. A Company of Stars (Christopher Stasheff)
  21. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: book #6 (JK Rowling)
  22. Bitten: Women of the Otherworld #1 (Kelley Armstrong)
  23. Dime Store Magic: Women of the Otherworld #3 (Kelley Armstrong)
  24. Industrial Magic: Women of the Otherworld #4 (Kelley Armstrong)
  25. Heroics for Beginners (John Moore)
  26. Blood Lines: Vicky Nelson #3 (Tanya Huff)
  27. Eternity Road (Jack McDevitt)
  28. Stolen: Women of the Otherworld #2 (Kelley Armstrong)
  29. Haunted: Women of the Otherworld #5 (Kelley Armstrong)
  30. Once Upon a Winter’s Night (Dennis L. McKiernan)
  31. Green Rider (Kristen Britain)
  32. Going Postal (Terry Pratchett)
  33. The Wizard of London: Elemental Masters #4 (Mercedes Lackey)
  34. “Skin Trade” (George RR Martin)
  35. Storm Front: Dresden #1 (Jim Butcher)
  36. Dead Witch Walking (Kim Harrison)
  37. First Rider’s Call: Green Rider #2 (Kristen Britain)
  38. Death: The High Cost of Living (Neil Gaiman)
  39. A Great and Terrible Beauty (Libba Bray)


Ones that are struck-through were unfinished, and the ones underlined were re-reads. (And because a book is struck-through doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t like it. It could be that it was a library book and was due, or that I wasn’t in the mood for that style of book, or any number of reasons. I just didn’t finish it.)


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