Drew Hayes: Going Rogue

32681599Going Rogue: Spells, Swords, & Stealth #3
by Drew Hayes
narrated by Roger Wayne

In this book, we get more detail on the company who is publishing the game modules which started the whole series. We also get to see more of not only the main characters (book 1’s NPCs) but also our two sets of secondary characters: Russell’s gaming group, and asshat gamers Mitch & Co. There are some fun new characters, too, and I have high hopes that we’ll get to see at least one of them in future books.

One thing that I find interesting about this series is how it deals with the characters’ quests to improve themselves, to be stronger or faster and do their jobs better. Book 2 in this series dealt with how Grumph, the half-orc mage, got additional training and improved his skills; this book does the same for Eric, the (human) rogue. I am also glad to see the party continuing to get better equipment, since this is somehow also a game and the players from our world (known in the other realm as Adventurers) would be leveling up and collecting loot and better equipment, too. The whole situation keeps the premise very solid and believable.

If you read book 1, you will know that there’s some weirdness at the end of the book where the game world and real world meet. Well, similar events happen in this one, but it’s more obvious and blatant than before. They don’t bother me, though, because the whole series premise was based on this concept. I only had one real continuity question about this book, and that was about whether an illusory wall would be as much trouble to get through from the back side as it was from the front, but it wasn’t really enough of an issue to worry about.

There are plenty of questions raised in this installment which aren’t answered in the book, but which must wait for at least one more book. The questions I’m most interested in relate to Timuscor and Gabrielle, though there are plenty of others. Fortunately, the book doesn’t end on a cliffhanger.

The narration is also stellar, as always. I have listened to 2 different series narrated by Roger Wayne, and both are great to listen to. I’m sure these books would also be fun to read for yourself, but I enjoy the different voices Wayne gives the different characters.

This is certainly a book worth reading. If you like gaming, or the fantasy genre, do yourself a favor and pick up this series!

Rating: 5 stars


~ by Nicole on August 18, 2017.

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