Kay Finch: Black Cat Crossing

Black Cat Crossing: Bad Luck Cat Mystery #1
by Kay Finch
(cozy cat mystery)

The black cat in question is named Hitchcock, and he was my favorite part of this book. It’s a murder mystery, and the MC’s aunt is the one who’s the main suspect for whodunnit. But you know what? I didn’t care about that part. I cared about the cat.

Okay, the basic premise: Sabrina is an aspiring mystery writer who moved away from the city to live in her aunt’s rental cottages and help run the business while working on her novel. While Sabrina is getting settled in there, lots of people complain about the “bad luck cat” — a feral black cat in town who supposedly is responsible for all sorts of silly problems. (Think witch hunt against the cat.) The aunt gets confronted by an unpleasant cousin, hits him, and then winds up as the main suspect when the cousin is found dead later that night. As a result, Sabrina tries to do everything at once: cottage maintenance, book writing, cat care, and finding the real killer.

Sad though it is for a mystery (even a cozy mystery), finding the killer was the part of the book which interested me the least. Actually, given the reveal, it seemed to be the part which interested the author the least, too. In hindsight I saw very few solid leads pointing to the real killer (read: none). The cat parts were fun. The writing parts were fun. The cottage maintenance parts were okay, and served a purpose for sleuthing time and character development. As far as the whodunnit, though, I didn’t like the aunt enough to care if she was innocent or not.

It was still a fun book, and worth a read if you’re looking for a cat mystery. Just make sure you’re at least partially interested in the cat part, because the mystery part didn’t do it for me. (Your mileage may vary, of course.)

Rating: 4 stars


~ by Nicole on August 17, 2017.

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