Lazette Gifford: Xenation: Draw the Line

xenation-draw-the-line.jpgXenation: Draw the Line
by Lazette Gifford

I have had this book for I don’t know how long. Well – I haven’t had it longer than it’s been published, I know that much. I also know that I only had a sample version of it, and when I started reading it recently I go to the end of what I thought was a short story to discover that it was really the first few chapters of a novel. (That was a good realization. I was enjoying the story too much for it to end so soon.)

I really enjoyed this book. It has human an alien races on an alien space station, and I enjoyed the interactions between the races and the seemingly sentient space station. There were a lot of apparently disconnected plot threads running through the book, and it was great to see how they all connected back together. Really masterful writing.

The ebook copy that I read, though, had way too many typos. Typos annoy me in general (I was the copy editor of my high school yearbook, and I’ve never really stopped noticing print errors, even when I try) but in this case they were particularly bad. These typos were usually in the form of mis-keyed words. Either a letter was missing, or letters were transposed; that kind of thing. Well, one of the alien races had a few human sounds they couldn’t pronounce, so there were letters that were intentionally substituted for those sounds. Well, when you combine the intentional substitutions with the accidental ones, that made some of the reading less fun than it should have been.

However. The story and the characters and the worldbuilding were all good enough that I still recommend this book highly. There is a print version also; maybe check the reviews on that one to see if it has the same typo issues that my ebook copy had. It was a very fun story, and though I didn’t see any official sequels on Gifford’s Goodreads bibliography, I can still hope that one exists or is forthcoming.

Rating: 4 stars, due to bad editing on my copy. The story itself is probably 5 stars.


~ by Nicole on July 27, 2017.

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