Lazette Gifford: Farstep Station

51ZPc2Z3u8L._SY346_Farstep Station
by Lazette Gifford

After reading Xenation: Draw the Line by Gifford, I knew I wanted more in the series, or at least in the same world. Well, I couldn’t find a series, but Farstep Station is also a book set in the IWC universe. This one was a shorter book (still full-length, but it felt like maybe NaNo length instead of a longer work) but still very enjoyable.

None of the characters or alien races from Xenation were present in Farstep, but it had the same quality worldbuilding and development. (It’s made me want to look into Lazette’s 2 Year Novel series to help me craft my own stories better.) This one was more human-focused, with some very real human goals at the center of the characters’ motivations. I enjoyed how, even though we never get to directly see the villains’ POV, we can clearly see that they still have motivation and goals, and aren’t just bad guys for the sake of giving the good guys something to fight.

There were some aspects of this world that I would like to explore more, and also some parts of the story that I think would have benefited from a little more time spent writing about them. (This is part of why the book made me think it was a NaNoNovel.) However, even with those parts left unexplored, I really enjoyed the book and would happily recommend it to sci-fi fans.

Rating: 5 stars


~ by Nicole on July 27, 2017.

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