Viola Carr: The Diabolical Miss Hyde

514SaAGnc-L._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgThe Diabolical Miss Hyde: Electric Empire #1
by Viola Carr
(historical fantasy, steampunk)

This book is both steampunk and not. It is, because that’s the default genre where alternate history plus odd mechanical machines gets shoved. However, it’s not because things run on electricity and not steam. Also, there are a lot fewer descriptions of clockwork machines than would be expected based on the opening chapter.

Anyway, it is an enjoyable book. The premise is amusing, and I intentionally picked it up after reading The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson so that I was completely familiar with the original work. It sticks pretty closely to the original, with a few notable exceptions to allow for Jekyll to have a daughter with a similar affliction. It is a fun book, though not a new favorite. It’s well put-together, and enjoyable, and very similar to so many other books set in the same time and place. And while I like it, I like some of those others more.

Also, I admit, my interest lagged toward the middle of this book so I skimmed a bit to see if there was going to be a love triangle in it. (Hoping not. I generally hate love triangles.) As I skimmed, I ended up being much more interested in the last third of the book, so I stopped looking for a love triangle (didn’t find one, whew! – unless you count Eliza and Lizzie as two sides of a triangle, which maybe you should) and started getting interested in the murder mystery again.

Will I keep reading the series? Probably not. This one was amusing. (In that aspect I liked Lizzie a lot better than Eliza, though. Better humor.) This book is not likely to stay on my keeper shelf, though, so any other books in this series I decide to read, I’ll get from the library.

Rating: 2 stars


~ by Nicole on June 1, 2017.

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