T. Kingfisher: The Seventh Bride

30294288The Seventh Bride
by T. Kingfisher
narrated by Kaylin Heath
(YA, fantasy)

First off, this is a review of the AUDIO VERSION. I don’t know how reading the paper version would impact my enjoyment of the book.

I have heard other reviewers say that this is intended for adults, and not YA. However, I can’t accept it as anything other than a YA novel. There is too much that seems aimed at a teen’s (even an older teen’s) sensibilities and experiences. Yes, that could be the author trying to make sure her narrator is believable as a 15-year-old. But it comes across to me as being written for teens in addition to being about one. (Your mileage may vary. And the narration may be partly to blame for said YA impression.)

I enjoyed the story. It has a very fairy-tale inspired plot without being an obvious retelling of any one story that I have heard or read. (Yes, yes, Bluebeard, I know. It’s still not a retelling of that story.) It has fun characters, fun magic twists, and character growth in unexpected places.

However, I only enjoyed the narrator’s voice for a few of the characters. Even some of the things she said in the main character’s voice bugged me – I think it was too much of an attempt to sound young, but it still hindered my enjoyment.

Is the story worth reading? Yes. But if you are going to listen to the audio version make sure to listen to a sample of the book before you buy it (I didn’t).

On the other hand, there is a magical hedgehog familiar. That right there makes the story worth reading.

Rating: 3 stars


~ by Nicole on May 31, 2017.

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