Seanan McGuire: Half-Off Ragnarok

51riRDIHt9L._AC_UL320_SR198,320_.jpgHalf-Off Ragnarok: InCryptid #3
by Seanan McGuire
(urban paranormal fantasy)

It was great to see cryptid life from a new POV. I mean, I love Verity, but the narrator change to Alex was refreshing. Both because his voice is a little different than hers (not completely alien; they are still siblings) and because they’re in completely different settings. She’s in New York City; his story starts out in the swamps of Ohio.

There were a lot fewer instances of the Aeslin mice showing up and hailing things, though. That made me sad. I’m curious to continue with the series and see what they decide to call Shelby. On the other hand, since Alex’s assistant in this book is a gorgon, I suppose it makes perfect sense that we don’t see as much of the mice. The whole snakes + mice = bad idea thing.

The humor in this book is great, too. I’ve gotten used to good humor from Ms. McGuire, but I love how Alex’s sarcasm is subtly different than Verity’s humor. There are a lot of great one-liners that I should have made a note of while reading in order to be able to quote them here.

And I’ve been told by an Australian friend that Shelby (the Aussie love interest in the story) is written very accurately. This is great to know! You always hope that your favorite authors do their homework and research the different nationalities of their characters, but unless you can get input from someone in that country it can be hard to tell. Shelby seems realistic to me, but since I’ve never been to Australia I had to guess until I read my friend’s review. It makes me even more interested in reading the rest of the series, and I hope that what I’ve heard is true, and book 4 is a fun romp set in Australia. (EDIT: I just checked Goodreads, and yes, they go Down Under in book 4.)

Anyway. Do I like Alex as a narrator better than I like Verity? No. Do I still enjoy the POV switch? Yes. Is this my favorite book in the series? No, probably not, though it is still fun. It’s worth reading for the enjoyment, and for meeting more of the Healy/Price/etc clan.

Rating: 4.5 stars


~ by Nicole on May 30, 2017.

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