Rita Mae Brown: Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here: Mrs. Murphy Mystery #151patvkn1yl
by Rita Mae (& Sneaky Pie) Brown
(cozy mystery)

This is an amusing book. The mystery part of it fits the cozy mystery genre quite nicely. (It’s even used as an example of the genre on Wikipedia.) One of the things I like about cozies is that they aren’t too intense. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE novels that grab me and take over and won’t let me go until “THE END”… but I also love reading at my own pace. Cozies are perfect for that, and this book is no exception. Even when it got to the exciting parts, and I wanted to keep reading, I had no problems putting the book down to go do other things. You know, like go back to work after my lunch break.

The main characters are Harry (a woman, nickname courtesy of her last name) and her two pets: Tucker, a corgi, and the titular Mrs. Murphy, a tiger cat. I really enjoyed the way the animals (these and others in the town) talked to each other and the humans. You can tell that Ms. Brown has pets even without the book being “co-authored” by one of those pets. The (human and non) characters were enjoyable to read about, the mystery was nicely obscured and yet wrapped up by the end of the novel, and the pacing was perfect for a cozy mystery. However, my favorite parts were the ones with the pets in them.

If you enjoy the cozy mystery genre and haven’t read this one, you definitely should. (Especially if you are owned by cats and/or dogs.) I will be continuing in the series, though I think these will be library reads for me. While I enjoy them, they are not ones that I will be re-reading (especially since the series is quite long at this point – it looks like book #26 is due to be released later this year) and so they will not be on my keeper shelf. On the other hand, I also might buy them (at least some of them) and then donate them back to my library when I’m done. I’ll probably do a combination of the above, though it’s highly unlikely that any will end up staying on my bookshelf once I’ve finished reading them. (That’s the nature of cozies for me, though. I like reading them the first time through, but don’t need or want to re-read them. Fortunately there are a LOT of cozies out there.)

Rating: 4 stars


~ by Nicole on February 18, 2017.

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