Carrie Fisher: The Princess Diarist

33290316-_uy200_The Princess Diarist
by Carrie Fisher
narrated by Carrie Fisher and Billie Lourd
(non-fiction, memoir)

This is a book that I wasn’t even really aware of until after Carrie Fisher’s heart attack and too-early death at the end of last year. I knew that she’d done other things besides movies; I wasn’t really aware of what. And until late December, 2016, I thought I had plenty of time to find out.

I wish I’d read one (or more) of her books sooner. She was very witty, and doesn’t hold back in her memoirs here. I wish I’d known how much more she offered the world while she was still offering it instead of only finding out after she had passed.

This particular book is mostly read by Carrie herself, but the diary entries (as indicated in the title) are read by Carrie’s daughter Billie. It was a really nice touch. And I love hearing Carrie’s story read by her instead of someone pretending to be her.

I can’t really figure out how to review this book. I loved it. Chances are, if you want to read this, you are the target audience and will love it too. I’m guessing that the people who won’t like the book are those who have no interest in reading it anyway.

Anyway, this is only the first of Carrie’s books that I have read, but it won’t be the last. I intend to get the rest in audio form also, as long as Carrie read them. Though… this was hard to hear so soon after her passing. I will be listening to the rest of her books, but… not yet. I need a little more distance before I read any others. It was good to listen to one, but one is all I can handle this soon. Rest in peace, Carrie. May the Force be with you.

Rating: 5 stars


~ by Nicole on January 12, 2017.

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