Kelley Armstrong: Thirteen

13Thirteen: Otherworld Series #13
by Kelley Armstrong
(paranormal romance)

Thirteen is the final (and 13th) book in the Otherworld series. I have enjoyed reading this series for so long, that even though I ordered the hard cover of the book as soon as it came out (over 2 years ago now) I have put off reading it until now. The series isn’t over if I haven’t finished reading it, right?

I can’t really go into much in the way of plot details without spoiling the rest of the series, but suffice to say that there is a big massive plot going on that will involve just about everyone you’ve ever met in the Otherworld who hasn’t died, and some who have. And yet, it felt complete and proper for this book to be so all-encompassing. I didn’t find it awkward or trite or anything, the way some wrap-ups are. Perhaps because the characters have all been in and out of each other’s books throughout the entire series, and so it’s nothing new for it to happen in this one. Besides, when you have a relatively small supernatural community who all know each other, and something is threatening their entire world, wouldn’t it make sense for them to call on each other for help?

As to the construction of this book: officially it’s a Savannah book. Unofficially it also touches on everyone else who has narrated a book in the Otherworld series. For instance, after a few chapters of Savannah narrating, Jamie narrates a chapter. Then a few more of Savannah, and then Elena has a chapter. And so on. I wasn’t sure about it after the first non-Savannah chapter, but once I realized that all the other narrators were getting a final nod, I thought it was a really cool touch. Yes, the plot points could have been delivered in other ways using only one narrator, but this was more fun. Also, some of the information which was completely natural in a cameo narration would have seemed like info-dump in the main narration, so I’m glad it was presented this way.

And now… well, now I want to go back and re-read the entire series. Again. Or at least re-read my favorites. (For reference, if anyone’s curious, Paige’s and Jaime’s books are my favorites. I do also love some of the others, including BITTEN (book 1), but I don’t love all the books in the series equally.) Then again, I think maybe I should wait a bit before jumping in to a re-read, if I want to get any sleep in the near future. I kept meaning to go to bed last night, but THIRTEEN wasn’t finished yet and I had to know how it ended. Yup. That’s me. Wait two years to read a book because I want to pretend the series is still running, and then stay up until 1am on a work night because I can’t wait another day to discover the ending. Hey, no one said that bookworms were logical.

If it wasn’t obvious, I really enjoyed this book. Not sure yet where it ranks in my “Otherworld favorites” list, but it’s nearer the top of that list than the bottom. And it’s one of my favorite books that I read in 2015. Kudos, Kelley.

Rating: 5 stars


~ by Nicole on November 20, 2015.

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