Wen Spencer: Wolf Who Rules

Wolf Who Rules: Elfhome #2
by Wen Spencer
(fantasy, futuristic urban fantasy, slight romance)

Book one of this series has only one POV character: Tinker, the title character. This second book has two POV characters, both Tinker and Wolf Who Rules, this book’s title character. It’s not at all confusing, in my mind; since Tinker’s world is expanding, it just worked to slowly get to see more of it than what she personally experiences. (Unlike a certain dystopian YA series I couldn’t finish, this switch worked. Probably in part because it’s not a first-person-present narrative.)

Anyway, about the book. This picks up right where the first one left off. It works well, since there is a distinct separation between book 2’s plot and the series arc. (It’s harder to see the difference in book 1, since that novel is setting up the whole series.) This novel’s plot focuses mostly on how the elves will deal with Pittsburgh now seeming to be a permanent part of Elfhome, and how they will manage both the human and oni threats. (The human threat is more of a long-term one, but there are certainly tensions ramping up between the humans and the elves.) To that end, a group of Stone Clan elves are called in to help the Wind Clan, and that causes all sorts of drama.

I really enjoyed reading more about the elven politics. And I enjoyed reading this one for myself (I listened to the audio book for book 1). While I enjoyed the narration for TINKER, I loved reading the elven words for myself. Having at one point started the language creation process for myself, it was really neat to see how the different endings were used to indicate gender, possession, and other little tweaks that are harder to distinguish when listening to the words. That could just be me geeking out over language creation, but that’s okay.


~ by Nicole on July 10, 2015.

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