Kevin Hearne: Two Ravens And One Crow

Two Ravens and One Crow: Iron Druid Chronicles #4.5
by Kevin Hearne
narrated by Luke Daniels
(urban fantasy)

I’m glad I read this novella, but I do wish I’d read it between books 4 & 5 (which is when it was set). It explained a lot of the “something happened with Odin” stuff that gets mentioned but not really discussed in TRAPPED. This one seemed to be well-planned and an important part of the series, rather than just an extra.

I liked the bits between the Morrigan and Atticus especially. It added depth to their friendship, which has been supposedly developing over the centuries but when we see them together in the main series, it’s usually the Morrigan bringing bad news to Atticus and not anything that shows much friendship.

Due to the way it was set up, there wasn’t much of Granuaile or Oberon, but given that it was a novella, I guess it was enough. What there was, was fun to read.

This novella is definitely important to read in order to get all of the details in the main series, though if you choose not to, you can skip over the details and just rely on the main series to summarize it for you. Personally, though, I think this one was much better to read than to summarize.


~ by Nicole on April 13, 2014.

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