Kevin Hearne: Grimoire Of The Lamb

Grimoire of the Lamb: Iron Druid Chronicles #0.4
Kevin Hearne
(urban fantasy)

This story takes place before the events in HOUNDED, which was weird. I read it well after reading that first book in the series (I think I’d read all six current Iron Druid novels at that point, but I know I’d at least read the first five.) It was very odd to go back to that point in time when Atticus was still happily pretending to be just a bookshop owner. When most of the world didn’t know there was a druid still alive. When there was no apprentice to worry about, and yet an angry Irish God of Love still looking for him. Very strange.

I did really like seeing Egypt through Atticus’s eyes and Kevin Hearne’s imagination. That was a lot of fun. And the interactions with Bast and her minion cats was highly amusing. This didn’t seem as fleshed out as the novels, though – I guess that makes sense, since it wasn’t a novel. But I’d come to expect a high level of polish from Kevin Hearne, and I just wasn’t sure it was there for this one. Maybe I had more issues with it because I was thrown by the chronological back-step for me.

Anyway, I enjoyed this, but other than the stuff with Bast, I didn’t find it to be a must-read. A nice read, but not a must-read.


~ by Nicole on April 13, 2014.

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