Maggie Sefton: Cast On, Kill Off

Cast On, Kill Off (Knitting Mysteries #10)
Maggie Sefton

The Knitting Mysteries are a fun series, but must be taken lightly. I do enjoy reading them, but I can usually tell you by half-way through the book exactly whodunit. (Or at the very least, I can tell you who DIDN’T, just based on who is the main suspect at that point.) CAST ON, KILL OFF was no exception. I knew nearly right away who didn’t do it, because they were too obvious. And about half-way through, I knew who did it. I wasn’t sure WHY until later, but the WHO was pretty obvious.

But you know what? I don’t read these books for depth. I read them to be entertained. Just like the “frothy” novelty yarns described as being on the shelves at Lambspun (the local yarn shop in the series), these books are fun and something to spend a few hours with. Not what I’ll keep going back to, like a good solid fingering-weight yarn in good old wool. It’s the difference between knitting a sweater out of a merino worsted and knitting a scarf in fun fur. The fun fur might be amusing and enjoyable to do once (or twice), but it’s not something that I, personally, can do very often and stay amused with it.

I guess what I’m saying is that I still like this series, and (as long as I take breaks between the books) I will continue to read them. But I doubt I’ll be re-reading the series. These are the definition of cozy mysteries, in my mind: fun reads that hold your interest but don’t challenge you. And if you’re a knitter looking for a good beach read, these may be just what you ordered.


~ by Nicole on March 31, 2014.

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