Kevin Hearne: Tricked

Tricked: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Four
by Kevin Hearne
narrated by Luke Daniels
(urban fantasy)

I liked TRICKED a little more than HAMMERED, for some obvious reasons. 1: Oberon was in it more. 2: Atticus was trying to cope with his stupidity from HAMMERED, and trying (though often failing) to take the good advice he was being given. 3: Frank is an awesome character, and is a mortal who has a touch of his own magic, so is someone that Atticus can talk to about some of the supernatural stuff that is going on.

I also liked the Native American mythology stuff that was included, though I have no personal experience with those myths/religions and so don’t have the connection to them that I do with the stories that I am at least partially familiar with. (On that note, I would love to see more with Greek & Roman gods, since I know those so much better than any of the other mythologies. And I don’t count the encounter with Bacchus in HAMMERED, because that was one of the parts I disliked about that book.)

This was still not a book up to the par of the first two in my mind, though. I liked it, but not nearly as much. (Better than book 3. But still.) Coyote is not nearly as likable in this book as prior ones, partly because it has become questionable whether he is an ally or not. He’s certainly living up to his trickster reputation more than before, which is good for his character development and believability (if not for Atticus’ potential survival).

I still love the audio presentation by Luke Daniels. Even if I were to read the books myself, I would now forever hear his voice narrating the books. Side note, though: his pronunciation of several words has changed. I’m not sure the reasoning for this, but it sometimes pulls me a tad out of the story when it happens. Perhaps this was a correction of an error on prior books, or perhaps there was just a longer period between recordings and he forgot how he’d said some things previously. I don’t know, and it really doesn’t matter much. It’s a small matter, just something I noticed.


~ by Nicole on January 3, 2014.

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