Nalini Singh: Caressed by Ice

Caressed by Ice (Psy-Changeling #3)
by Nalini Singh
(paranormal romance)

This is the third book in a series about an alternate future Earth where psychics and changelings co-exist with humans. The Psy have conditioned themselves to feel no emotion, putting their children through a process called the Silence. Changelings, on the other hand, are very sensual and emotional. (A point of curiosity is we have yet to really see any humans. I wonder if they will ever show up in the series, or if they are just there to make this an urban fantasy rather than a completely different world.) Also, changelings can be many different species: this book focuses on wolves. The two previous books were more about cats.

This book’s hero is a Psy whose telekinetic abilities cause intense accidental damage when his emotions run wild. So for him, Silence works. The problem is, one of the wolves loves him… And being near her breaks down his resistance to emotions. To be fair, he feels the same way about her, he just tries to convince himself otherwise because he wants to keep his emotional shields up.

I really enjoyed this book. It flowed well, and the story was believable. It could be read without having read the others before it in the series, but I would recommend against it. Things make much more sense if you have the references that they keep going back to in the story. (Plus, there’s no spoilers that way.)

If I had one complaint with the story, it’s probably that there’s a lot of points of view. It’s not a big problem, but it is not my preference for reading. I prefer to have a few (2-4, but even 4 is pushing it) really strong POVs. This had 2 strong POVs (the hero and heroine) with a minimum of 3 weaker ones. It wasn’t as confusing as some books I’ve read, but as an author I’ve come to the conclusion that you can often cut out a POV and have other characters convey the information… and that by not introducing another voice, you dilute the narrative less.

Still, it is a very solid addition to the Psy-Changeling series, and I’ve already ordered book #4.


~ by Nicole on February 9, 2010.

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