Shiloh Walker: Hunting the Hunter

Hunting the Hunter
by Shiloh Walker
(paranormal romance)

I found Shiloh Walker through Lynn Viehl. In one of her many give-aways I won a large stack of books, which included Through the Veil by Ms. Walker. It took me a while to read this book, but when I did I loved it and went looking for more.

That “more” was the Hunter series. I’ve read the first (Declan & Tori’s story) and now the seventh (? or whatever HTH is) of these books. They’re good. I must say, they’re rather different from each other, but they’re good.

The Hunter series started out as erotica, published in ebook format by Ellora’s Cave. It has become more mainstream since, and been picked up by traditional print publishers, but still shows its roots. I don’t really have anything against steamy scenes, though for me they have to be really well written to be good — it’s too easy for them to become formulaic or laughable.

Hunting the Hunter is well written, and though it’s not the best new book I’ve read this year (Through the Veil was better, I thought) it was certainly enjoyable. Enough so that I knew before I finished it that I wanted Hunter’s Need (newly released in the series).

Very enjoyable book. But, you must be prepared for a vampire romance, in which the characters spend a lot of time in bed (even for a romance).


~ by Nicole on December 12, 2009.

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