Lynn Viehl: Shadowlight

Shadowlight (Kyndred #1)
by Lynn Viehl
(paranormal romance)

This is the first in her new series about the Kyndred, which is a spinoff of her Darkyn series. You can, technically, read these without having read the Darkyn books and not get lost, but honestly, why would you want to? The Darkyn books (starting with If Angels Burn and wrapping up after seven books with Stay the Night) are just that good. (We are talking vampire romances. May not be your cup of tea.)

I was worried that the Kyndred novels would get too caught up in the Darkyn world, or not enough. But I was wrong. There was a perfect blend of old and new, enough references to things of the first series to tie the two together without crippling the new series. Characters from the Darkyn show up as well, as you’d expect given the importance of the Kyndred by the end of Stay the Night. But it’s not too much, which is good.

Lynn’s books really hook me, and I have a hard time making them let go. This one was no exception.

It’s hard to know how much to say without giving things away… But I will say that the Bad Guy for this story was believable, and we see enough of his transformation into monster for it to work. (I’m withholding judgment on the presumed series Bad Guy, as it’s too soon to tell.) Also, while still a romance, this was a lot *less* of a romance than it could have been. There’s a lot less of the vampire angle too, that being more a Darkyn thing and less of a Kyndred thing.

I’m waiting more-or-less patiently for the next book in the series. Mostly less.


~ by Nicole on December 12, 2009.

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