Terry Pratchett: Sourcery

Sourcery (a novel of the Discworld)
by Terry Pratchett
(comedic fantasy)

First of all, the Discworld novels are quite amusing. I’ve only read two of them (two of the very many) and have enjoyed both immensely. Pratchett manages to combine fantasy with punny comedy, and to pull both off. I could compare him to Piers Anthony, or to Robert Asprin, but I think I won’t. (If you like either of those, however, you will almost certainly like Pratchett.)

Sourcery itself is hard to describe, but essentially it’s what happens when magic goes from being tame and limited to wild and unlimited… and it’s how the wizards deal with that change. Now, this could be a very deep topic. This could be handled with lots of pathos and angst and drama. But it’s the Discworld. So instead it’s pure fun.

The characters are awesome, with Rincewind the wizard (who actually has less magical ability than your average, non-wizard human), the Luggage (sentient baggage… hehe! Quite amusing), and lots of others who are written well, if tongue-in-cheek.

I think the biggest problem I had with the story was the occasional tangents Pratchett goes on. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they are confusing. (I do wonder if they confuse me because I am not British.) Still. Great book.


~ by Nicole on April 15, 2008.

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