Mercedes Lackey: Children of the Night

Children of the Night – Diana Tregarde Investigations
by Mercedes Lackey
(urban fantasy)

(The series is set in the same world as the Bedlam’s Bards and SERRAted Edge novels, and a careful eye will pick up on some character cross-over.)

Diana Tregarde is a Guardian, part of a secret magic-wielding group whose aim is to protect innocents from evil. Di, however, has been operating at less than peak ability ever since a confrontation that nearly killed her. She survived the incident, but now is overwhelmed with panic attacks whenever a similar situation arises. So it’s no wonder that panic threatens to consume her when she gets called to investigate a strange mass murder: murder that took place on a moving public transit bus, with the driver dead at the wheel.

To add to Di’s already substantial problems, add a man who looks like trouble, an ex-boyfriend who’s taken one too many drugs, and a soul-eater loose on the city, and you’ve got a recipe for a great story. And that’s even without the vampire who collapses on her fire escape…

The Diana Tregarde books are set in a well-developed contemporary fantasy world. Even though they are part of a larger world that involves elves, bards, and talking gargoyles, these three books deal more with normal humans than the others in the shared universe. (The world was so well developed, in fact, that Lackey had fans insisting her Guardians were real – and wanting to join that elite group!)

Those familiar with Lackey’s writing style will recognize it in Children of the Night. These books are different, however, in that they border more on the realm of dark fantasy than the others. Perhaps the biggest critique I’ve seen of Lackey is the similarity between her plots; however, the Tregarde books are different in this case as well.

For more information, visit this page. She has links to her rather impressive book index, as well as an essay (“The Last Straw”) detailing her reasons behind not continuing the Diana Tregarde Investigations series.


~ by Nicole on August 20, 2007.

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