Lynn Viehl: If Angels Burn

If Angels Burn
by Lynn Viehl
(urban fantasy, romance)

I enjoyed If Angels Burn, in part because I knew (to an extent) what I was getting in for. I read it for a book club, and was told before I read it that it was more dark fantasy than paranormal romance. So I expected dark going in. However, there are a few sections that, when I re-read the book, I will probably skip. They’re just that side of too dark for me. But – there aren’t enough of those sections (1, maybe 2) for me to get rid of the book and never read it again.

I liked the treatment of some of the characters in this book a lot, though they were mostly the supporting cast and not the main characters. I also liked the variation on the vampire myth. Vampirism has been presented as a virus and as a curse before, but Viehl takes these and combines them in a way that I want to watch her explore further.

The plot, I felt, was fairly average. Very few of the actions in the story surprised me, yet for the most part I did enjoy the pacing of the story. The ending was a tad confusing… but as this is the first in a series of at least three, I have hopes that my confusion will be cleared up. (The next three Darkyn books, Private Demon, Dark Need and Night Lost have already been released.)

I will definitely keep this book, and re-read it. I will also buy the next in the series, and keep reading as long as my enjoyment overshaows the darkness of the books. But I will only recommend it to those people who know what they’re in for, and want it. For them, this book is a must buy. For those who don’t like their fantasy this dark, I have some other books you might enjoy instead.


~ by Nicole on August 20, 2007.

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