Holly Lisle: I See You

I See You
by Holly Lisle
(romantic suspense, paranormal romance)

I See You is the third of Lisle’s romantic suspense books. It returns to the setting of the first one, Midnight Rain, and uses Brig as a main character rather than a secondary one. (On a side note, it’s nice to hear even the tiny glimpses that are included about Alan and Phoebe, though for a moment I expected them to actually make an appearance.)

The mystery and suspense element of the book is very strong, and one of the things Lisle’s readers can rely on. She gives enough hints that a very, VERY astute reader could, theoretically, figure out the plot twists before the main characters do. Most readers, however (including yours truly) will figure out only enough hints to point them in the wrong direction. Instead of being annoying, however, this only serves to increase the tension.

The romantic scenes in I See You are also well written. They flow realistically from the characters’ personalities and situations rather than being there just to have sex scenes. In fact, all of the characters are fully developed, and their actions reflect their personalities in the non-romance scenes, also.

I See You is less gory than its predecessors. The paranormal element is present, though I won’t give away any details about it. In all, this is a very good addition to a set of highly recommended books.


~ by Nicole on August 20, 2007.

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