Carrie Vaughn: Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Kitty and the Midnight Hour
by Carrie Vaughn
(paranormal romance, urban fantasy)

Kitty and the Midnight Hour is a cute book, with a fun premise. The situation is well developed, with plenty of room in the plot resolution for a sequel—or even a whole series. The dual nature of being were was handled in a different way than I’ve seen before, with all of Kitty’s changes written in italics and in present tense. Her Wolf is both a part of Kitty, and a separate entity, all at once.

However, the beginning (first chapter, maybe two) of the book was interesting, and then the next few chapters failed to hold my attention. I found the early instances of Kitty learning how to be dominant boring, and the character herself whiny. Many positive reviews prompted me to pick it up for another try, only this time I started a chapter or so after where I had left off the time before. At this point in the book, Kitty was finally able to hold my interest, and the action picked up enough to keep even the few, brief relapses interesting.

Both sex and violence were included in the book, but I found neither to be overly graphic. They had a part to play in the story, and that’s what they did. As such, I would probably rate the book for mid-teens and older.


~ by Nicole on August 20, 2007.

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