Blaize Clement: Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter

Curiosity Killed the Cat Sitter
by Blaize Clement

This was a cute book, one that blended a good mystery plot with pets. (What’s not to like?) There were places where I rolled my eyes at the wording of a sentence, or where typos were obvious, or where I wanted to have been the editor so that I could rearrange the wording for better impact, but in all I was pleased with the book.

I don’t know how realistic the picture Clement paints of Florida is, but it does fit the stereotype. However, I do know that the picture she paints of the animals is fairly accurate. (You’d think that for a book featuring pets so prominently, this would be a requirement, but you’d be wrong. Fortunately in this case it’s done well.) The animals each have their own personalities, and all are very realistic.

The character development is also realistic, though there were a small handful of paragraphs where I wanted to tell the narrator “okay, you’ve told me that five times already”. I understand wanting to be sure that the reader sees the development, but still. Give me a little more credit than that.

The mystery was good. I had a handful of suspects by the end, and while the eventual perp was on the suspect list, my top choice was someone else. I also liked that Clement included clues all the way from the beginning, before we officially knew that there had been a murder.

Even with my few complaints, this is definitely a book I’m glad I read.

I would suggest this book for older teens and adults. Younger teens could theoretically read it as well, as there are no overly gory or sexual scenes, but the themes should be discussed. It’s a darker book than you’d expect from the powder pink cover.


~ by Nicole on August 20, 2007.

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