Kresley Cole: A Hunger Like No Other

A Hunger Like No Other – Immortals After Dark #1
Kresley Cole
(paranormal romance)

A Hunger Like No Other is a contemporary fantasy romance that manages to be both heavy on the romance and heavy on the fantasy. There is no doubt that the book belongs on the romance shelves. However, except for a few scenes that lean on the romance side (due to the modern setting) the fantasy plot threads nicely throughout.

Cole’s vampires appear closer to the traditional dark classic vampire, being called “soulless bloodsucking leeches” by the other mythical races (even though there are a few fascinating exceptions). Her other races are varied and interesting, and I look forward to the sequel(s) to find out more about the Lykae, the Valkyrie, and the other groups that populate the Lore.

The character development was well done and realistic, even though I would have preferred that she delve even deeper. The spells and magic use weren’t explained very well, but since neither main character used much in the way of magic, that’s understandable. I plan to read the sequel, and might buy both books when my book budget increases.


~ by Nicole on August 17, 2007.

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