Randy Ingermanson: Double Vision

Double Vision
by Randall Ingermanson
(speculative fiction)

This book was enjoyable, though not quite up to the quality I usually prefer to read. The book itself had a good plot, and once it hit about 2/3 of the way through it really caught and held my attention. The middle third was interesting, but not super-riveting, and the first third had a “set up the plot” feel to it. I liked Dillon’s voice a lot (the male main character), though both Rachel and Keryn (the two female main characters) felt a little too similar to him to be as realistic. There was a lot more telling of their feelings than showing. Is this the difference between male and female writers? Or between paranormal and non-paranormal fiction? I’m not sure.

Let’s see… would I recommend it? Yes. However, it is more of a soft sci-fi than anything (even though the publisher, I believe, calls it “romantic suspense”)*, and the suspense aspect is more told than shown until the end. The best parts were probably related to writing – one of the three main characters is an author, and she has some great lines about the craft. And the way the whole thing is wrapped up is amusing and appropriate and a bit of a groaner (as in punny).

It is rather heavily weighted on the Christian angle, so people who are offended by religion should probably pass on. But those who don’t mind reading about religion, or want to see a discussion of how God and science can both be right might enjoy reading this one.


*If you want true romantic suspense, pick up Holly Lisle’s Midnight Rain, Last Girl Dancing, I See You, or Night Echoes. Click the titles for my reviews on this board.


~ by Nicole on August 16, 2007.

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