Mercedes Lackey: Burning Water

Burning Water
by Mercedes Lackey
(urban fantasy)

This book is the second in the Diana Tregarde investigations series. It’s not so much a mystery for us, the reader, as there are occasional jumps between the protagonists’ POVs and the antagonists’ POVs, and so most readers will figure out the whodunnit long before the main characters. There is, however, some misdirection involved in the story so that it’s believable that the main characters miss a few important facts.

I like Di, she’s a fun main character. And her partner in this crime-solving, Mark, is also a fun character. However, he’s no Andre. (Andre is Di’s partner in Children of the Night, the first in the series. He’s a vampire, sexy, and just awesome.) So this is a good read, but not my favorite Lackey book.

There are some dark parts to the story, and the faint of heart might be grossed out, but for fans of urban fantasy, it’s nothing explicit. I do recommend it, but I recommend Children of the Night more.


~ by Nicole on August 16, 2007.

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