Kelley Armstrong: Broken

Broken – Women of the Otherworld #6
Kelley Armstrong
(urban fantasy, paranormal romance)

Kelley Armstrong has created a very vivid world where werewolves, vampires, witches, sorcerers, ghosts, and necromancers live hidden among the world as we know it. She can creates a sense of humanity even among the strangest of them, however, which I feel to be one of her strengths.

And the story: Armstrong’s imagination is very strong, and her tale-telling only improves with each book. As I started Broken, I thought I would be able to savor this book, reading slowly and letting the pleasure last. Half-way through, the sense of impending danger leaked out of the pages and into my blood, causing me to sneak-read the rest to get to the ending while at work.

I read the Otherworld series out of order, and there will be new readers who don’t read the books in the order they were written. However, I would definitely recommend starting with Bitten and working your way through in order… While each book is well written on its own, there are references to past books that will make a lot more sense if you know what has already happened.

I would suggest this book for mature audiences, due to sexual content and some violence, though I didn’t find the violence to be exceedingly graphic.

For more information on Kelley Armstrong or her Otherworld, visit her website. She also has sample chapters and free e-novellas posted.


~ by Nicole on August 16, 2007.

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